10 minutes with… Matt Healey, Account Director

Matt Healey

Account Director

Where might you find Matt when he's not at his desk? Probably blocking up Gloucester Road's pavements with a pram or making badger art. Intrigued? Read on to find out more...

"Say hello to everyone, ask questions and get involved"

Matt’s top tips for any new employee.

Describe what you do at Prophecy Unlimited in 15 words or less

Take briefs, guide them through the agency and get a campaign live at the end.

What’s your biggest achievement in life so far – personal or professional?

Personal: My boy, Arthur Gray.

Professional: As part of an Alfa Romeo campaign I worked with one of our designers to create a badge for a car, the Alfa MiTo Live. I managed the process from design through to getting the badges installed on the cars at Portbury Dock. Pretty cool!

You’re in a lift with the CMO of a big company; what's your go-to client example of what Prophecy Unlimited does?

The original Jaguar Team Sky ‘Ride Like A Pro’ events were an amazing example of amplifying a national campaign. The in-house team organised the logistics for all the ride-outs from the dealerships which included fully decaled-up Team Sky Jaguar support vehicles. It was very impressive and great to be involved in.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one book, one film and one album – what would they be?

Film: Shaun of the dead

Book: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

Album: Discovery – Daft Punk

"I wear jeans and trainers to work most days, and I’m also lucky to work in a building where everyone is here to help."

What Matt likes most about his job.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us

I’m a frustrated creative so a few years back I decided to start making my own art in my spare time. I now sell prints across Bristol, have had a couple of my own shows and am taking part in UpFest in July for for the 2nd year in a row.

What inspires you?

People being creative. I’m a big fan of Instagram and follow hundreds of people, from artists to nature photographers. I screen-grab things I particularly like and keep them in an ‘inspiration’ folder on my Google drive.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done?

After going to Vietnam and Cambodia on our honeymoon, we got the travelling bug. So three years back my wife and I decided to put our work-life on hold and go travelling for six months. We went to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, Borneo and Bali. It was a whistle-stop tour compared to the travelling people usually do when they finish uni, but it really was the most amazing experience.

Bristol’s hidden gem – what/where is it?

My hidden gems are the Drapers Arms on Gloucester Road, a micro-pub that looks like a shop from the outside. It has no music and if you use your phone you have to put money in a charity pot. And also, The Annexe by the Cricket Ground. It is a place that time has forgotten, with cart wheels on the wall and cheap beer behind the bar, it’s all you need.

If someone only had one day to spend in Bristol, where should they go?

Clifton first to posh it up and get a photo of the Suspension Bridge. Then wander down Gloucester Road (Europe’s longest high street of independent shops), through to the grimy/graffiti-lined delights of Stokes Croft, and finish at the Harbourside with beers and food on the water’s edge at Wapping Wharf.

There are 81,941,760 videos on YouTube, which is your favourite?

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