Manage customer bookings in real-time

Service Online allows your customers to book their vehicle’s service online, and in real-time.

A user-friendly way to manage service bookings

Customers can book their car in for a service or MOT through the channel they are most comfortable with – either your retailer website, paid and social media or the national BMW website.

You are in control

Through your Dealer Marketing platform, you can set retailer specific services, pricing and any deals you want to activate.

The customer’s choice

As well as selecting a date and time to suit them, customers can choose a loan car, fast-lane service or any additional options available to them.

A seamless approach

Once the booking has been made by the customer, the information is passed to you via your Dealer Marketing platform. The services booked, pricing, details and customer information is passed directly from the service online booking tool.

208 retailers are already benefitting from Service Online. Get in touch today to discuss how it can deliver efficiencies for you.

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It makes life so much easier for our customers – and us too. The uptake in service bookings, and the decrease in time spent managing them, is impressive.