We gave parents the chance to put their heartfelt emotions into words and see these tender sentiments immortalised on a unique Christmas keepsake they would treasure for years to come.

Consideration. Engagement. Advocacy.

The challenge

Aptaclub’s aim is to give parents expert advice and help them make the best decisions for their baby’s future health. We were asked to connect with parents at Christmas and cut through the festive fatigue at a competitive time of year by capturing their imagination and igniting the spark of engagement.


The insight

As Aptaclub members typically prefer to receive information than to share it, we needed to find an inviting way to get them involved with the brand on social media at Christmas.


The work

We invited parents to share a wish for their baby’s future and see it written in the stars of our panoramic night sky, using the Facebook 360 feature which allowed entrants to search for their entry. In return, they’d get the chance to win a unique gift: the deeds to their very own star plus a handmade tree decoration inscribed with their winning wish.

The campaign launched with a teaser video on the Aptaclub Facebook page, followed by a second teaser video seven days later. Releasing two videos allowed us to see which was performing best, then weight the media spend accordingly.



The competition ran for three days, opening with an email and Facebook post inviting parents to ‘Share a Christmas wish for your baby’ in the comments. Of the 1.5k wishes received, over 400 were added to our 360° panoramic night sky. 50 finalists also saw their wishes re-written by our talented in-house calligrapher, before being lasered onto a hand-cut star made from seasonal holly wood. Winners received a beautifully wrapped gift package containing their unique decoration and a registration form for a real star.



The results

The two teaser videos reached over 245,120 people, with 121,424 video views. The competition reached 199,651 people and achieved 1,500 entries – considerably more than our KPI of 1,200 and almost three times that of the previous campaign’s results. 60% of total post engagements were earned.


The results have been just super and both myself and people internally have been extremely impressed with the execution and output.

-Lucy Greville-Heygate, Brand Manager, Aptamil

This campaign reached a depth of feeling unlike any other; parents jumped at the chance to express their love, and every sentiment came from the heart. They invested in the campaign repeatedly across the entire 3 days: from giving careful consideration to their wish to repeatedly exploring the night sky to find it – and read the wishes of others. They joined in Facebook conversations, gave each other encouragement and responded with genuine warmth to other entrants.



Absolutely superb work, really great to see such positive sentiment on social media!

-Tom Benton, Head of Digital, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition

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