As part of our overarching The Gift of Future Health campaign, we explored the benefits of talking to your bump and encouraged mums to have a little one to one.

Consideration. Engagement. Advocacy.

The challenge

To make mums-to-be aware of the fact that talking, reading and singing to their unborn baby builds the bond between them and lays the foundations for language development. Then inspire and enable them to start a conversation that lasts a lifetime.


The insight

The Aptaclub audience is the type of mum who is interested in finding out how they can influence their baby’s long-term development. Most would know that talking to their bump is probably a ‘good thing’. But they don’t know for sure what the benefits are and struggle to know what to say.


The work

First, we created informative help content on the Aptaclub website, including three films in which Dr Eino Partanen, a neuroscientist, and Nicola Lathey, a children’s speech expert, revealed what baby can hear and how best to talk to them. We also filmed three informal round table discussions between a mummy blogger, mums-to-be and two leading experts.

We knew that many mums struggle to find the words when talking to their bump. So to generate reach and engagement, our Small Stories Facebook campaign asked expecting parents to share what they call their baby-to-be for the chance to win one of 30 unique, personalised poems to read to their bump, written and illustrated by award-winning children’s author Viviane Schwarz. We also gave everyone the chance to personalise their favourite poem on the club website.



The results

Small Stories certainly got mums talking, with a campaign reach of 1,170,322, 406,589 views, 11,260 engagements and 572 competition entries.


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