Changing behaviour in 33 London Boroughs

Love Food Waste not want not

We created a programme of activity to incite behaviour change in London, before extending our reach on a national scale.


To help reduce the annual 7 million tons of food and drink wastage, our challenge was to work with partners to develop a four-year strategy that would motivate consumers to make small changes to their lifestyle and relationship with food wastage.


It’s easier to change your behaviour one small step at a time.


To generate awareness and empower our audience with the right tools to effectively change behaviours and normalise food saving, we created a series of ‘Food’s Not Rubbish’ messaging. Using optimism, humour and consumer language to disrupt, engage and inspire, we shared food hacks, hints and tips, and showed our audience how to use up leftovers rather than throw them in the bin.


Saving money and saving the planet proved to be key factors in helping to motivate our audience to believe, ‘Food’s not rubbish’. Results demonstrate a month-on-month uplift in engagement, captured via a host of digital and social campaigns, plus experiential and PR.