To help Coffee Club Members ‘fall back in love’ with their Costa favourite we needed to remind them about the quality and skill that goes into every cup they enjoy.

Consideration. Purchase. Engagement. Repurchase. Advocacy.

The challenge
Costa’s new “Never a Dull Cup” brand campaign was all about their people and their passion for coffee. Our brief was to extend this focus to remind Club Members about the quality and skill that goes into every coffee they enjoy.

The insight
Over the years, many Coffee Club Members have forgotten why they fell for their preferred coffee in the first place and routinely sleep walk into their next drink.

The work
To showcase the passion and craft that goes into every single cup, we cast eight brilliant Baristas to champion a range of Costa classics in a series of revealing ‘Pep Talk’ films. These were promoted through Club emails that used transactional data to include a link to the most relevant piece of content hosted on Costa’s website and YouTube Channel.

The results
Despite only being promoted via emails, to date the films have had over 185,000 views with no media spend.

What did the client say?

Massive congratulations the team behind this achievement. Thank you all so much for the passion and dedication you have put into the videos.

Maria Elustondo, Senior CRM Manager.

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