Helping mums-to-be overcome their labour worries

Cow & Gate Real labours of love

As their due date approaches, expectant mums spend more and more time worrying about the unknowns of labour. With so much conflicting information on the subject, we provide reassurance from a truly trusted source: new mums who have just experienced it.


To make C&G baby club the source of engaging and helpful labour content for anxious mums-to-be, as part of parent brand Danone’s objective to provide services and support which ‘stand by mums, to nurture new lives’.


As labour approaches, mums are overloaded with practical information, but very little that feels like a true factual or emotional representation of the unpredictable reality. There are lots of unknowns and they seek reassurance that their birth will be OK, but don’t want to be fobbed off with sugar coated half-truths (“Don’t worry, everything will be fine!”).


To address mums’ labour worries with total authenticity, our content had to be relatable and straight from the heart. But rather than gathering and dispensing advice from new mums, we opted for an innovative – and far more challenging – creative approach. One that elevated the emotional impact to a new level.

We filmed four mums talking honestly about their hopes and fears as labour approached, then interviewed them again shortly after birth, so they could reveal how their experiences compared to their expectations. We then created magical pre- and post-birth footage, so our mums appeared to allay their own fears as their bumps became beautiful babies. By demonstrating the genuine relief and contentment experienced by our mums when they each met their new baby we created a unique and incredibly moving piece of content that other mums could immediately relate to.

The full-length film and teaser cuts were released on Facebook and Instagram and as YouTube pre-rolls, while eCRM, digital display and PPC ads drove mums-to-be to the campaign landing page, where they could discover more about each of our mum’s stories.


Almost 72k people spent 2 minutes watching the full-length film on Facebook and 20k viewed the video. And with a nominal media spend, we reached 274k people and received 69k video views – demonstrating that there is still a desire for longer form content too.

In addition to this, simple short looping video posts received 216k views and static image engagement posts sparked conversation among mums about their worries and experiences.

To complement the campaign, we ran two competitions. One asking mums to share their ‘before and after’ birth photos which started a ‘movement’ – generating over 800 photo uploads, and 500+ positive reactions. And the other competition asked mums to share their before and after birth stories. This generated 305 photo entries and 175 positive reactions. The length and effort mums went to was extraordinary, with many taking the time to write up to 300 words, showing a deep level of engagement.