Inspiring German parents to love their baby’s tummy, inside out

Milupa Tummy Love

Our charming campaign showed parents how infant nutrition brand, Milupa, loves tummies on the inside as much as they do on the outside, with over 7 million views across all channels to date.


Parents have a lot to think about. But one thing they’re not thinking about is their baby’s tummy and how it works. So how do we contemporise Milupa’s brand story about the importance of babies’ tummies and increase product awareness when, as long as the baby is happy and gaining weight, parents don’t consider the role of their baby’s tummy at all?


The tummy is responsible for far more than digestion. It also plays a vital role in immunity and overall happiness, but virtually nobody sees it in this way. In fact, so long as baby is eating and pooing normally, parents don’t think about their tummy.

The Work

The creative idea was simple… and powerful. Raspberries! Mums, dads, grandparents, siblings – people can’t resist giving a beautiful little tummy a big raspberry. We used this universal act of affection to disrupt and create a bridge between brand and audience. Remarkably, Germans didn’t have a name for raspberries, so we gave them Bäuchlein Blubbern (Tummy Bubbles).

We created an emotional connection between the love parents give their baby on the outside and the care Milupa gives to the inside, bringing this to life in film with a range of beautifully crafted scenarios where mums, dads, siblings and grandparents give Bäuchlein Blubbern to their baby. This charming compilation built a strong emotional connection as viewers could relate this to their own experience – and all set to the rousing classic, Blue Danube.

Engagement opened on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram – core channels used by parents to be entertained, seek inspiration and share. The channels were also ideal to help the campaign grow organically. Content was regularly optimised and mini-story edits posted on the social channels to feed engagement.

A second film developed the ‘inside’ story with memorable scientific facts that linked to the brand’s product range. This was used to re-target viewers of the first film.

The results

The campaign was a huge success, emotionally communicating the importance of babies’ tummies, the role of the brand and increasing engagement across key touchpoints.

With a target audience of 1.1m parents, Bäuchlein Blubbern achieved 7,010,806 total views, 5,576,846 social reach, 88,268 social interactions. Engagement drove over 81,000 site visits. This digital-first campaign was so successful that Milupa went on to purchase the most expensive media slot available on German TV, to broadcast the full 60’ hero film nationwide.

Best of all, parents across Germany became aware of how hard little tummies have to work. And how Milupa is there to support them.

"This is what agencies are supposed to do. Use human insights allied to an understanding of how social media works to create campaigns people choose to engage with."

Patrick Collister, Google EMEA