Sending sales of Costa Ice soaring

Costa Long cool summer

Despite cooler summer temperatures, our email marketing campaign drove a significant uplift in sales of Costa Ice drinks – exceeding targets when the heat was on.


To develop a series of segmented emails, tailored to member preferences and behaviours, in order to drive a 3% uplift in the amount of people buying Costa Ice products – alongside their regular favourite.


Club members are creatures of habit who primarily visit Costa for their favourite coffee. Trying something new is not front of mind.


Nothing beats that summer feeling. We wanted members to feel like a Costa Ice would trigger those ‘summery’ emotions. With a segment strategy tailored to purchase behaviour (historic and mid-campaign), we used regional weather data to land our emails at just the right time on the warmest days.

We produced 8 emails over 3 months, tailored to 18 different segments. Phase 1: ‘Shake up your summer!’ encouraged trying their favourite coffee over ice. Phase 2: ‘Come out and play!’ gave cheeky reasons to get out of work for a Costa Ice. And a competition to win a Kindle helped create a mental association with the Costa Book Awards.


We achieved a 5% increase in penetration of Costa Ice (target 3%) among members and a strong ROI from the Coffee Club emails – 100k members spent around 4 minutes of their time engaging with the ‘summer read’ content and we had 90k entries for our Win a Kindle competition.

90k competition entries

Engagement time: 4 mins

100k emails opened