On Valentine’s Day, we explored the true power of love with a series of beautifully shot moments between parents and their babies. Each revealed the surprising life-changing effects of every loving interaction.

Awareness. Engagement. Consideration.

The challenge
In Germany, as in other countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with the giving of cards and gifts. Aptawelt wanted to hijack the occasion to engage with parents through digital and social channels and extend the brand’s ‘Mum meets science’ platform by demonstrating the power a parent has to influence their baby’s future development.

The insight
The love between a baby and parent doesn’t just feel good. It is, in fact, critical to their long-term physical, mental and social development. It enriches us and makes us what and who we are.

The work
We identified five key focus points for the science message: strength, compassion, security, confidence and health.

To deliver these messages, we created an emotional and uplifting hero film showing beautiful moments between parents, siblings and babies that demonstrate the good love can do in real life situations. We also created 5 shorter science films that focused on each of these key points.

The hero film was posted on YouTube, Facebook and the Unruly Blogger network with a link to a landing page to see the five mini films. Traffic was generated purely through paid media on Facebook and PR.

To extend the ‘What is Love’ campaign concept, we are now developing a Facebook campaign around the idea of ‘the greatest love story never told.’

The results
The hero film has over 1,179,000 views and counting. The companion Facebook posts had 3 million impressions and 675,000 engagements and there were 75,000 visits to the landing page. The campaign also featured in several marketing press round ups of Valentine’s campaigns, gaining a 5 Star rating from The Drum.

What did the client say?

This exciting campaign is part of our on-going commitment to support parents with engaging content that reveals the science of early life. Armed with this knowledge it empowers parents to make decisions now that will support their baby’s future development.

Sarah Patzak, Marketing Manager, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition.

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