Launching the Love Food Hate Waste campaign in London, establishing and proving repeatable behaviour change activity, continually refining the target audience and establishing a long-term programme of stakeholder engagement to unlock funding.

Awareness. Welcome. Engagement. Advocacy.

The challenge
To help reduce the annual 7 million tons of food and drink wastage, our challenge was to develop a four-year strategy working with partners that would motivate consumers to make small changes to their lifestyle and relationship with food wastage.

The insight
It’s easier to change your behaviour one small step at a time.

The work
Year one needed to be a test bed for future effectiveness. We used analysis of the LFHW customer segmentation and food wastage data, combined with geo-demographic profiling, to identify those foods most likely to be wasted; those households most likely to waste; to quantify and prioritise the target audience and to derive behavioural insight.

The approach, which combined always-on digital activity with a programme of frequent, agile experiential interventions, which ranged from food market stalls to student survival challenges, allowed us to maximise targeted reach with one-to-one interactions from which we could continually optimise the ‘Little Wins’ campaign messaging and enhance the likelihood of behavioural change.

We applied our extensive experience of working with Government to engage internal Wrap stakeholders as well as local government, public sector, commercial and funding partners through a series of workshops. The creation of a bespoke partner portal provided partners with the information and tools they needed to get involved.

The campaign development was continually refined. Google analytics were used to optimise those digital assets that were working most effectively and serve these more frequently; the results were captured and reviewed through a digital dashboard created by Prophecy Unlimited.

The initial intention to amplify the programme of experiential interventions through PR and social media evolved as the campaign developed, with the events now being used to create content for a big bang PR and social media launch later this year.

The London campaign is currently underway with always-on digital activity supported by a series of experiential events throughout the summer that will provide content for a PR and social media push in the autumn.

The results
Initial footfall, pledges and data capture are very promising. Thanks to successful strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and London campaign development, we have been appointed to deliver the national launch for Love Food, Hate Waste.

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