The most successful Jaguar Retailer campaign ever

Jaguar Square Off

Our daring approach to lead generation created the most successful Jaguar Retailer campaign ever, and won the MAA consumer product/effectiveness award.


Jaguar wanted to create a ‘sales weekend’ for the Jaguar XE compact saloon, with the objective of increasing enquiries & showroom footfall during the peak sales month of September.


The XE is a new product in a fiercely competitive sector, and taking significant market share from the establishment (BMW, Audi and Mercedes) is a tall order. And as research shows people are becoming less inclined to spend precious time visiting car showrooms (doing more research online). We needed to do something different.


The XE has won multiple awards, which meant we were confident in its capabilities. So we invited customers to visit their local Jaguar Retailer and compare the XE alongside the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class. This was ground-breaking stuff on a large scale, as the event took place simultaneously across all 83 mainland UK Jaguar Retailers from 2-4 September.

The creative concept was even more daring. We placed BMW, Audi and Mercedes logos (which are all circular) alongside the Jaguar XE Challenge lock-up, with the headline “The award-winning Jaguar XE. Squaring up to the circles.”

Once all approved by legal (a huge task) we set to work on arranging the rental and delivery of 236 Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars to the 83 Jaguar Retailers to deliver on the customer promise. The campaign featured a combination of direct, digital and social channels and was amplified through radio, OOH and PR (which was particularly successful with the automotive titles).


Jaguar reported 1,112 XE enquiries for the campaign period (double the usual weekly total) and over £2m of directly attributed sales to date – an ROI of 4:1.

"The most successful Jaguar Retailer campaign ever"

Scott Dicken, Jaguar Land Rover UK Marketing Director, called the XE Challenge

Not only did the campaign scoop the MAA consumer product/effectiveness award, it was a big hit with Jaguar Retailers too. They relished having a platform that was brave and new to offer conquest customers, who equally appreciated the idea of saving time by comparing the four rivals head to head.

Encouraged 1,112 XE enquiries

Earned over £2m in revenue

An ROI of 4:1