Your local partner for behaviour change

Local Authorities play a pivotal role in protecting and improving the nation's health

As Public Health England’s local activation agency, Prophecy Unlimited are ideally placed to help you deliver behaviour change at a Local level. Whatever life-stage your focus, we can help maximise your budgets by amplifying the most relevant National campaigns in five simple steps.


Regional scoping workshop with key stakeholders to identify challenges and develop campaign plans that take local focus and needs into consideration.

Audience Insights

Define target audience through demographic and attitudinal data, providing insights that deliver a clear approach to channel and message selection.


Localise national creative using audience insights to develop engaging campaigns that have synergy with national campaigns to deliver cut through and results.


Manage relationships and contracts with all third party suppliers, including media buying, space booking, print, distribution and mailing, to deliver a single point of contact for you.


Developing and delivering authentic and immersive experiences, including hiring and training ambassadors and all health & safety, legal, equipment and operations requirements.

With extensive experience supporting government departments and local authorities to deliver behaviour change campaigns, we understand how to maximise budgets to deliver efficient, effective campaigns that get results.

Get in touch today and see how we can ensure your campaigns have cut through and deliver the results you need to drive true behaviour change.

Ewan Moore
07872 411 564

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"Prophecy Unlimited delivers local campaigns that maximise reach and awareness. Whether it’s support for one step, or as an end-to-end provider, they will support your campaigns, whatever you need."

Sheila Mitchell,
Director of Marketing,
Public Health England